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Sheepnose Training offers several different courses in various firearms disciplines. These courses are given in a one-on-one format to give the student the maximum amount of attention, however if you would like to take a course with a friend we can accommodate you. Shooters under the age of 18 must have parent accompany them. Pistol courses will not be given to students under the age of 16.

The Pistol Fundamentals course will challenge brand new pistol shooters. The focus will be on getting shooters started correctly and drive home accuracy over speed.

The National Rifle Association Basic Pistol outline is available on request.

1 day, $100, and 100 rounds of ammunition

This course builds on the level one course to include shooting while moving, more stress, greater demand for speed while maintaining accuracy, and moving targets.

2 Days, $300, 500 rounds of ammunition

Are you curious just how far you can shoot? This is the course for you, we will stretch you and your rifle to 1000 yards. We will train on wind calls, angular measurements, range finding with your scope, and of course, engagement out to 1000 yards.

1 Day, $200, and 100 rounds of ammunition

Don't have time to make it to the range before hunting season? Drop your rifle off with Sheepnose Training. We will ensure your scope is properly mounted and torqued. We will then sight in your rifle for you. 

$50 and 20 rounds of ammunition

This course is for those who have or want to get their concealed weapons permit. We will train on topics such as situational awareness, carrying a concealed pistol, use of force considerations, and the effective employment of your pistol.


1 Day, $150, and 200 rounds of ammunition.

This course is for the brand new rifle shooter who wishes to get started off right. Equipment set-up, sight-in, positional shooting, care and maintenance are all covered.

1 day, $150, and 50 rounds of ammunition

Looking for a challenge? Take the scout rifle course to push your bolt, lever, or pump action rifle to its limits. You'll have to run, you'll have to reload quickly, and you may discover your rifle is for more than shooting off of a bench.
1 Day, $200, and 150 rounds of ammunition

This course is for those who have a little more pistol experience. Training will include draws, balancing speed vs. accuracy, as well as pushing your pistol to distances beyond the 25.

1 Day, $150, 200 rounds of ammunition

This course is specifically designed around the modern semi-automatic carbine. Training includes employment from 5-500 yards. We will also cover maintenance and best practices to keep your rifle running well.

2 Days, $300, 300 rounds of ammunition

Rifle/Pistol Rentals

We have firearms available for rent for use during any of our courses. The cost of the rental will also cover the ammunition required for the course.


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